Mideast Regional Yo Yo Contest

For the difinitive list of rules for the 2015 Mideast Regional Yo Yo Contest, CLICK HERE


Highlights - 2015 Mideast Regional Official Rules

All rules from the NYYL will be followed, except where notations or enhancements have been made on this page.
. To register online, click HERE. Registration is not complete until you PAY and Download Music !!
Music must be downloaded in advance. Click HERE to download music. Click HERE

1A, 2A, 3A, 4A, 5A Freestyle details

Music for Freestyles - please also see the music page

All freestyle competitors must have a 2 minute version of their music to accompany their freestyle.
All music must be considered appropriate for all audiences. Performers with inappropriate music (obscenities, offensive content, etc.) will be disqualified. If you are unsure about your music please send the title of the song, and the name of the band to the Head Judge at least 1 week prior to the contest. The Mideast Regional Yo-Yo Contest is a family event, and the head judge will disqualify any player using musical content with unsuitable content. The decision of the head judge is Final. If you have a question about music, ask in advance.

Please read the music rules carefully. If your music is not in the correct format, our sound manager will select a song for you to freestyle to. He is very fond of country music, so disregard the rules at your peril.

Music must be provided on a CD or USB Stick. One Disk/stick per player per division. The disc/stick must be clearly labeled as to the contestant's name, the division it is for, and the track number to be used (one track per CD is preferred, but if you label it correctly, one disk per player per division is permitted) It is the player's responsibility to ensure that the music they bring to the contest is compatible with our equipment. We will be using Windows Media Player Version 9. Incompatibility of formats, or issues from burned CD's, scratched CD's, or other problems are the players responsibility. If you have a music question or are unsure of compatibility, check with the sound department at the time of registration.
• Mini-Disc, MDLP, CD-RW, and DVD formats are NOT accepted.

iPods, and other personal music players cannot be used with our system. Let me repeat that - you will not be allowed to plug your IPOD into our system. CD's or USB sticks only.

All musical CD's must be provided to the sound manager following registration for that division.

Music must be in one track. Music extended over 2 tracks or over 2 media is not acceptable. If possible, edit your music to the proper length for the freestyle (1:00 minute, or 2:00 minutes) If not edited, the music in the preliminary will be abruptly stopped at the conclusion of the time. Music less than the allotted time will be stopped after 1 track played.
If the music is stopped accidentally, the contestant may choose to continue his or her performance from the point that the music stopped or start a new performance at the end of the division.

All actions of a performer must take into account the safety of the audience, the facility, the judges, and the player. Be sure to have new strings, and properly tuned yo-yos. Judges have the ability at any time to disqualify a performer for behavior they deem dangerous or inappropriate. All freestyles should remain on the stage. Yo-Yos that leave the stage for whatever reason are not allowed back on the stage. (no throwing of yo-yos from the audience to a performer)

Basic Rules:

For the Sport Division ladders, players are allowed one attempt per trick. The second missed trick retires the player from the ladder. The winner is the player with the highest combined score between the 1S and 2S ladder. See the Sport Ladder Page for a complete list of tricks.

For scoring, a player receives the point value of the combined number of the highest trick completed in each ladder. In the event of a tie, the combined score of the first missed trick from both ladders will be used. If a tie persists, then the combined score of the second missed trick from each ladder is used. If a tie still is in place, then the two (or more) players are awarded the same placement.

All actions of a performer must take into account the safety of the audience, the facility, the judges, and the player. Be sure to have new strings, and properly tuned yo-yos. Judges have the ability at any time to disqualify a performer for behavior they deem dangerous or inappropriate. All freestyles should remain on the stage. Yo-Yos that leave the stage for whatever reason are not allowed back on the stage. (no throwing of yo-yos from the audience to a performer)

Freestyle guidelines:

1. Yo-Yo(s) may not be spinning, thrown or in a mount before the time/music starts. Violation of this rule will result in a 5.0 point major deduction.
2. Major deductions for restarts, yo-yo change outs and yo-yos leaving the stage shall be assessed after the technical execution (normalized), technical evaluation and performance evaluation scores are totaled.
3. Time starts between 0:00 and 0:01 and ends between 1:00 and 1:01 for the preliminaries, and 2:00 and 2:01 for the finals.



This group of judges will be using clickers and judging in the traditional way except that they will not deduct points for the major deductions listed below. They will give positive points based on for successful trick elements performed and deduct only for loss of control.

Technical Execution: 60.00-Points Maximum

The highest net score(s), Positive points minus Negative points, from each individual Group A judge shall be normalized to 60.00 points and all other scores from that judge shall be proportioned to a score of less than 60.00 points rounded to nearest one-hundredth of a point. Negative scores are possible.
Positive Points:
· Only technical aspects shall be scored by the Group A judges (difficulty, transitions, trick variation, risk, etc.).
· Positive points shall be awarded for advanced level tricks or trick elements performed successfully. Variations of tricks and elements shall be fully scored.
· Repeated tricks, repeated trick elements and repeated mounts may be scored at a lower value or not scored at all. It is recommended that Group A judges be very strict and not score obvious repeating tricks and/or trick elements.
· Additional points may be awarded based on the difficulty level of a trick element. The base level (simplest advanced level tricks) trick would normally score one-point while more difficult tricks would be granted multiple points as the judge feels is warranted.
· The number of points a judge awards for a particular trick element may also vary depending on how well the trick element is performed. For example, the same type of catch of an “off-string” yo-yo may be given more points if the launch was extremely high as opposed to a launch where the yo-yo barely leaves the string. Similarly, a very basic Eli Hop may not even be scored if the yo-yo is only hopped a few inches off the string (because a particular judge feels it is not an advanced level trick element) while one with a very high toss may be scored.
Negative Points:
As noted above, Group A Judges will not assess negative points for Restarts, Yo-Yo Change outs, and Yo-Yos leaving the stage.
These “MAJOR DEDUCTIONS” shall be assessed by the group B judges and subtracted from the contestant’s total score for technical execution, technical evaluation and performance evaluation. This scoring change may significantly increases the value of a clean and perfect routine.
· In all divisions, 1-point shall be deducted for each trick or trick element missed including but not limited to: missed string hits/catches, missed slacks, missed lacerations, missed rejections, missed binds, missed 5A counterweight/string catches & tangles, failed 4A launches.
· In all divisions, 1-point shall be deducted for each loss of control. Repeated efforts to regain control of a yo-yo, such as but not limited to: repeated unsuccessful binds, repeated unsuccessful 4A launches, and excessive uncontrolled loops or punches shall result in additional deductions. In 2A and 3A (and in 4A and 5A when applicable) when two or more yo-yos are in play, each yo-yo is judged separately.
· Technical execution judges shall be very strict and not score repeating tricks or repeating trick elements unless they are clearly variations.
· Major Deductions for yo-yo restarts, yo-yo change outs, and yo-yos leaving the stage will be assessed by the Co-Head judges.
· No additional points shall be granted for the Technical Evaluation and Performance Evaluations elements being evaluated by Judging Group B. These elements will be scored by the Group B judges.


Evaluation: 40.0-Point Maximum
Four Categories: 0.0-10.0 points each – Note that partial points, such as 3.2, 4.5 etc., to a tenth of a point are allowed. These four scores are added and are not normalized. Therefore, a maximum score of 40.0 points is possible for each contestant.
1. Cleanliness (Line of string, trajectory of yo-yo, smooth landings and flowing transitions)
2. Variation (Different techniques within the style of play)
3. Music use (Choreography, music timing, cueing, rhythm)
4. Showmanship (Enjoyment, entertainment, story, theme):
A judge may grant a score of zero in a category if the contestant, in their opinion, failed to meet the minimum level expected for the competition. A score of 1.0 should be awarded for barely meeting the minimum level while a score of 10.0 should be reserved for an outstanding performance in that category.
General Scoring Details:
For each of the four “Technical Evaluation” categories a number of typical scoring elements are listed to orient the judges on what they should be looking for in a championship level freestyle. However, all of these categories are quite broad and other related factors may be considered by each judge as they score a particular category.
1. Cleanliness (Line of string, trajectory of yo-yo, smooth landings and flowing transitions): Are the tricks executed in a clean, fluid and controlled manner? Do the transitions into and between trick elements demonstrate mastery and control of the yo-yo style? Does the yo-yo land and exit the string cleanly?
2. Variation (Different techniques within the style of play):Technique variation not only demonstrates the scope of a player’s skills but may also increase the level of difficulty of trick elements. Does the performance contain a variety of trick elements encompassing all the major variations within that division? Are the trick elements showcased to the judges in a manner that make them clearly unique from other elements already completed? Are a variety of regenerations utilized to link tricks?
3. Music Use(Choreography, music timing, cueing, rhythm):This is a very broad category that evaluates how elements such as the use of music, timing of element execution, and rhythm complement the freestyle. Does the music seem to fit the freestyle theme? Are the tricks timed to match the beat of the music?
4. Showmanship (Enjoyment, entertainment, story, theme):Was the performance staged and constructed in a manner to add to the interest level of the freestyle? How entertaining was the freestyle presentation? Did the contestant play to the audience and showcase their tricks?

Major Deductions:

Major deductions shall be subtracted after the scores for Technical Execution, Technical Evaluation and Performance Evaluation and totaled.
• 1.0-point deduction: Restarting the spin of the yo-yo.
• 3.0-point deduction: Change out of a yo-yo for another one for any reason.
• 5.0-point deduction: Yo-Yo leaves stage due to a broken string, mechanical failure or negligent action of the contestant.
• 5.0-point deduction: Yo-Yo(s) are spinning, thrown or in a mount before the time/music starts.
• Disqualification: A contestant may be disqualified for any negligent and/or willful actions that endanger the judges, staff, contestants or members of the audience. This action is subject to review by the Co-Head Judges and the Contest Director.
• Disqualification: A contestant may also be disqualified for using music that is deemed inappropriate for a general audience that includes children or for or actions on stage that are inappropriate for such an audience. Therefore, please refrain from using music with: inappropriate language, violent themes, sexually explicit themes, anti-religious themes and other such offensive lyrics. This action is subject to review by the Head Judge and the Contest Director.

Final Championship Freestyle Score = sum of points for
Technical Execution (60.00-points maximum) plus
Evaluation (40.0-points maximum)minus
Major Deductions