Mideast Regional Yo Yo Contest

Music Rules and Procedures - Updated 2015

Please Read Carefully

Music for Freestyles - Advanced download of music is mandatory in 2015. No music changes the day of the contest.

Music must be downloaded in advance this year. If you are tardy or make up your mind late regarding which music to use for your freestyle, you will be assessed a $10 charge, so please register and get your music in early. Click HERE to download your music and/or register for the MER. Be sure to bring a back up copy of your music on a USB stick. Your backup USB stick should be clearly labeled as to the contestant's name, and the division it is for. Our sound engineer has not yet developed clairvoyance (had to repeat that class in college) so please be courteous and help us out. Be clear in your labeling. If you have trouble or are not sure about your download - call us ASAP. Please do not wait until the day of the contest. Please bring music in .mpg format. We do not have capability to decode apple iphone or 'streaming' music.

-Duration. All freestyle competitors must have a 2 minute version of their music to accompany their 2 minute freestyle. At this time, we anticipate 2 min freestyles only.. Check the website for latest updates.

-Appropriate for all audiences. Performers with inappropriate music (obscenities, offensive content, etc.) will be disqualified. If you are unsure about your music, email the Head Judge at least 1 week prior to the contest. The MER is much more particular about this rule than some contests. Please take the responsibility to screen your music carefully. The decision of the head judge is final. Thanks in advance for helping us to avoid any controversy or hard feelings on the day of the contest. .

Please read the music rules carefully. If your music is not in the correct format, our sound manager will select a song for you to freestyle to. He is very fond of country music, so disregard the rules at your peril.


Labeling Your Music: Please use the following format to title the music file you submit: Name/ Division/ Length. As an example, If John Smith decides to submit a music file for his 1A 2 minute freestyle, he would name it: John Smith 1A 2min.MP3 ..... This is especially helpful for those of you who enter multiple divisions. Please give our sound guy a break!

Your Music Must be compatible with Windows Media Player 9.0. This is your responsibility. Email us BEFORE the event if you have a question.

Mini-Disc, MDLP, CD-RW, and DVD formats are NOT accepted.

iPods, and other personal music players cannot be used with our system. Please don't ask for cabling to connect your IPOD or phone to our system. This slows down the competition and is not fair to other players who read the rules and come prepared.

Please bring a copy of your backup music on a USB stick.

Music must be in one track. Music extended over 2 tracks or over 2 media for the same performance is not acceptable. If possible, edit your music to the proper length for the freestyle (2:00 minutes, etc.) Music less than the allotted time will be stopped after 1 track played.
If the music is stopped accidentally, the contestant may choose to continue his or her performance from the point that the music stopped or start a new performance at the end of the division.

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