2012 Mideast Regional Yo Yo Contest Winners



1A Division Results:

1A Winners

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2A Division Results:

2A Winners

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3A Division Results:

3A Winners

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4A Division Results:

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5A Division Results:

5A Winners

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Sport Ladder Winners:

Sport Ladder

Ten and under

1st Place - William Connally -13 points

2nd Place - Brendan Church - 6 points

3rd Place - Donald Lliveoak - 5 points

Eleven to thirteen years old

1st Place - Mike Williams - 11 points

2nd Place - Cristopher Chunn - 10 points

Fourteen to eighteen years old

1st Place - Zade - 15 points

2nd Place - Ben Szmatula - 13 points

3rd Place - Colin Hodgson - 6 points

Nineteen years old and up

1st Place - Terry Ulmer - 17 points

2nd Place - David Ford - 15 points

3rd Place - Chad Dejohn - 10 points



Congrats to David Addis, winner of the "Longest Sleeper" contest, with a 9 minute, 36 second sleeper !

David Addis

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