What others say about YoJake and his show...

"Very, very impressive. Unique, worthwhile - adults enjoyed the show as much as the kids did."

-Susan Roberts, Extension & Childern's Services Director, Richland County (Ohio) Public Library

"YoJake gives a variety, action packed, entertaining yo-yo show. He adds a few tidbits of yo-yo history as well as saftey information. He does a wonderful job appealing to the age level of his audience."

-Helen Peterson Kalamazoo Christian School Association

"Thank you for an awesome performance. You made our traditional event one to remember, entertaining a span of ages from 2 to 90 with your tricks and lessons. We recieved many phone calls of praise the following days. It was truly an honor having you here....You truly set a new standard for future performances."

-Angel Walimaki Detroit Athletic Club

" The most engaging performance of the summer !!"

-Tiffany, Mansfield Ohio Public Library

"The boys loved this show. YoJake is the talk of the town. I am sure all will be singing his praises to all who will listen."

-Ronda Friesl Pack 126 Den leader Perrysburg, Ohio

"YoJake’s ability to move a yo yo through space is amazing. Like all great artists, he makes it look very easy. But if you dare to imitate any of his yo yo maneuvers, it becomes apparent that Jake really is a yo yo genius...Jake has performed at Music in the Park. I was very impressed, that as young as he is, he is extremely professional and reliable. I love his enthusiasm and energy. He’s a great role model to young audiences. Jake’s spirit and positive nature makes him very appealing to audiences."

-Debra Madonna
Chairperson, Music in the Park
Plymouth (Michigan) Community Arts Council


"Since his admission to our team, Jake has proven not only to be a high caliber yo yo player, but also an excellent role model ... with gigantic feet, and a heart to match."

          • Steve Brown, Former Marketing and Promotions Coordinator, Duncan Toys


"The performance was great.... The students loved the show and were very excited to practice with yo-yos!"

          • Sarah Plum, Cleveland Elementary School, Livonia (MI) Public Schools


The most important quote of all:

"With good grades and good luck, our son will be graduating from college soon. Please hire him. All proceeds go straight to his college fund!"

          • Dad and Mom